Your Retirement Roadmap to a Future of Endless Weekends



Market Volatility

Everyone knows investing in the stock market comes with risks that could potentially lead to devastating losses. So, it’s better just to stay out, right? Not necessarily. Download your free chapter of “Saving for Saturday” to learn more about managing market volatility, including:

  • The importance of diversity for protecting your hard-earned assets

  • Different market-based products and how they could fit into your financial strategy

  • The difference between risk tolerance and risk capacity — and why you need to know both



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About The Book

In his book, “Saving for Saturday: Your Retirement Roadmap to a Future of Endless Weekends,” Scott Staton poses an intriguing question: What day of the week do people spend the most money? The answer: Saturday. Scott finds it essential to note the stark contrast between those who methodically plan for retirement and those who head into retirement with a lackadaisical attitude. A viable retirement plan can make the difference in preparing to live each day like a Saturday.


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About the Author

As the founder and president of Staton Financial Group, Scott Staton is focused on helping clients work toward their retirement dreams through a well-thought-out strategy for retirement income. Scott started in the industry in 1999, selling long-term care insurance. As his business grew, Scott started adding services to offer clients a well-rounded financial plan. A native Oklahoman, Scott has been married to Angela since 1994, and they have two children. They live in Oklahoma City, attend Southern Hills Baptist Church and are active in their community.

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